Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet The Chaperons!

Way back in October '06,
what looked like the end for this ol' bra
actually turned out to be the beginning of a brand new life!
And these are the wonderful, supportive folks who have made
my amazing journey possible (so far)
and for whom I am extremely grateful ~
The Girls when they were little bitty things - long before I was ever in the picture.
The Girlfriends (where it all began...)
Janis, Kristi, Leslie, Lisa - Reedsport/Oregon, Lori, & ShawnMy Very Breast Friend!
Sturgis and Mount Rushmore/South Dakota
Janis - Petaluma/California
Maui/ Hawaii ( far!)
Stealth Is Awesome
Stealth - Mobile/Alabama
Las Vegas
Woodstock, Hotlanta/GeorgiaCarry Me Back to Tennesseeeeee....
Shanin - Gatlinburg/TennesseeRum Punch. Never Again!
Holly - All around the island of ArubaMama Mia!!!  I HEART Meleah!
Meleah - Manalapan/New Jersey Hi Heather! Hi Apes! Heather (& April) - Fredericksburg/Virgina
London/England & Paris/France NICE MUG SHOT!
OhMyLisa - Paris/FranceThe day I became a Sports-Bra (nearly killed me!)
Kelly - Paris Marathon, Paris/FranceI Heart the The Knit-Knot Tree!
Corrine (& Esqueleta) - Yellow Springs/OhioSpeedy - my #1 man! xoxo%2F
Speedy - Hollydale and Minneapolis/MinnesotaHowdy to The Posse!70's Teen - Manchester/EnglandI really do miss DaddyP...and Gertrude...AND my eyeballs!DaddyPapersurfer (& Gertrude) - Papersurferville/EnglandI had an absofuckenbloodylutely cRaZy time with Claire!  (Hi Willy!)Claire - Widnes and Liverpool/England. Fracas understands me better than anyone!  Even myself!
Fracas - Fraccyville, (Saskatoon) Saskatchewan
My Pal Drowsey - Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ontario/Canada!

RennyBA - Oslo, Norway

(Interested in being an Olga Chaperon?
Drop my Blog-Mistress an email !)